You could see the cranes in Madrid

Six giant cranes rise for months on the horizon of the Barcelona road, a thousand laborers are working to raise the new building of the Banco Popular north of Madrid. But this pharaonic work that will terminate in June 2017 will not be a simple bank, will comprise a large shopping center for use and enjoyment of the 3,000 employees who move to this bank and anyone who wants to approach. This project plans to build 45,000 square meters above ground and another 78,000 under the surface, 6,500 will be devoted to a shopping center that will have a powerful offering hospitality, a gym, a nursery school and a reserved area for small shops. You also have a parking for 1,500 vehicles. The program needs established by the property defined a completely enclosed by a perimeter fence, inside, with three basement floors for garage and facilities, with a ground floor common areas (access, meeting rooms, vending, offices and medical) center six floors for office, two buildings exempt the building and on the boundary of the plot, one on each side of the main building, housing the areas for safety, maintenance and changing rooms for employees who use bicycles as Of transport.
Banco Popular also established three parameters as the basis of design: optimization of surfaces and volumes, flexibility and placement of double skin facade. Assumptions that have been part of the design requirements with the design team that developed the project. The bank already has, since 2013, 1,600 of its employees in the ABELIAS Building, which corresponds to the first phase of this major project and stands on a plot of 11,000 square meters. There have installed its technology headquarters and the idea is that of Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena Administrative Units of the financial institution to settle. the popular bank. This whole project is equipped with the most extreme security that can be found today from system intelligent video analysis to improve the response to incidents and access control in the new headquarters, through an anti controlling fires most sophisticated . But still we have to wait to see impressive building in the sky of Madrid.

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