Dimensions 750 x 600 high x 195 wide bottom, made of white metal, painted in polyester paint, with side screen for ventilation, stamped input and water intake hole in bottom for drainage. Comprehensive and easy-open lock GISA ABS hinge. Methacrylate door 625 x 410 detachable.


Painted in red Ral 3002, 525 mm fixed. Made of polyamide fiberglass, highly resistant to friction and corrosion. Mounted on reversible support allowing, once the drawer is mounted, positioning the reel with water intake by rigid aluminum tube at the top or bottom.


Rigid 25mm. and 20 meters long, manufactured according to EN 694: 2001 and with AENOR product certificate. Model SATUR – 25.


Sphere valve 25 1 ‘, chrome with plated brass socket for pressure gauge for testing piece


Variomatic 25mm nozzle with three modes (spraying, conical pulverization and lock) and female thread of 1″.


Threaded ¼ “GAS. Scale of 0-16 kg / cm2.


For easy deployment of the hose in any direction.