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Fixed fire hydrant fitted with rigid hose. Basdomin reel. Dimensions 1700 X 900 x 420 mm. It composed of a circular base and accommodation Ø525mm reel with axial feed drawer. Ø25mm rigid hose and 20m in length, according to EN694: 2001 model SATUR25. Lever valve 1 “with pressure gauge and test valve. Nozzle whit three modes variomatic.


Base constructed from 304 stainless steel with an alarm system. Dimensions 1700 X 900 x 420 mm.


Circular Dimensions Ø900 x 220. Cabinet made of fiberglass, ABS and methacrylate easy open. With entry stamp on the back for water input.


Painted in red Ral 3002, 525 mm fixed N AENOR. Made of polyamide-fiberglass, highly resistant to corrosion and friction.


Rigid 25mm. and 20 meters long, manufactured according to EN 694: 2001 and with AENOR product certificate. Model SATUR – 25.


Ball valve 25 1 ”, chrome plated brass socket for pressure gauge and parts for testing.


Variomatic 25mm with three modes (spraying, conical pulverization and lock) and female thread 1 “.


Threaded ¼ “GAS. Scale of 0-16 kg / cm2