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Dimensions 650 x 400 x 140 (MINI4520). Made of a piece of white sheet. Side hole for ventilation, stamped entry for water intaput and holes in the bottom for drainage. Integral hinge, door lock knob and narrow frame for glass (275 x 540 mm-MINI4520) (not included)


Winder 350 mm (MINI4520) upper turning angle 90 °


45 mm flat with 20/15 meters in length, made according to standard EN14540: 2003 and AENOR mark N. Satur-45 model.


To lance and hose connection AENOR certificates according to UNE 23400-2: 1998


With output at 110, with thread 1½ “. And test piece for the manometer.


Model Variomatic 45mm with three modes (spraying, conical pulverization and lock) and female thread 1½ “. Equivalent diameter of 13mm. Minimum 85 K


Threaded ¼ “GAS. Scale of 0-16 kg / cm2