Recessed cabinet, dimensions 750 high x 600 wide x 195 deep. Designed to install flush wall. To prevent damage first install the box without the door then, install the door and the frame with the end of it.


Recessed cabinet dimensions 750 high x 600 wide x 195 and frame. Dimensions end once built 820 high x 710 wide.

Made of white metal, painted in polyester paint, stamped input and water intake holes in bottom for drainage. Comprehensive and easy-open lock GISA ABS hinge.


Painted in red Ral 3002, 525 mm, 180 flip. Made of polyamide fiberglass, highly resistant to friction and corrosion.


Rigid 25mm. and 20 meters long, manufactured according to EN 694: 2001 and with AENOR product certificate. SATUR-25 model.


With access to 180, with thread of 1″. And test piece for the manometer.


Variomatic 25mm nozzle with three modes (spraying, conical pulverization and lock) and female thread of 1″.


Threaded ¼ “GAS. Scale of 0-16 kg / cm2.