Suitable for corrosive environments, its composition makes it virtually unchanged. Dimensions 775 H x 775 W x 205.


Dimensions 775 x 775 x 205. Made of fiberglass with a hole at the bottom for water inlet. Fast closing with handle and Stainless steel hinges. Designed for outdoor installations, high resistance to external agents.


Painted in red Ral 3002, 525 mm, 180 removable. Input piece made of polyamide fiberglass, c highly resistant to friction and corrosion.


Rigid 25mm. and 20 meters long, manufactured according to EN 694: 2001 and with AENOR product certificate. Model SATUR – 25.


With output at 110, with thread 1 “. And test piece for the manometer.


Variomatic 25mm with three modes (spraying, conical pulverization and lock) and female thread 1 “. Equivalent diameter of 10mm.


Threaded ¼ “GAS. Scale of 0-16 kg / cm2.