Getting out of a burning building. 8 tips that can save your life

Sometimes we consider situations that seem to be never carried out like, what if one day you are involved in a fire? Would you know how to escape it? There are some basic rules that we must follow if we are inside a burning building and you must not forget, always trying to stay calm.

Today we give you eight quick tips on how to get out of a burning building:

1. It is very difficult, but you must remain calm and not to run out of control. Thinks that you and everyone else are you going to be afraid, and if we all do the same thing can be generated avalanches, causing further damage and not getting out any that you meet in the building.

No entrar en caos en caso de incendio, mantener la calma

2. If you are in a closed room and notes that begins to smell of burning room, do not open the door abruptly. Try to open the door with the palm of your hand and if you notice it is hot do not open it, the other side may be a fire and flames when entering as quickly find yourself unprepared. If it is not hot, open the door slowly and make haste to go out and warn other residents of the building.

3. Do not waste time dressing or collect personal belongings, it may save you a few seconds of life.

4. This rule is very important and may seem obvious, but in a time of chaos, do not know how they can act our mind and our legs. If you skipped the fire alarm in the building where you are, you should never use the lift. It is likely to stop working when the power failure in the building and stay locked inside.

Cómo salir de un edificio en llamas, salida de emergencia

5 Leave the building by the stairs: When run for the stairs, remember that the weakest point of a step is its central region. To use it should therefore keep you near the wall where the steps have greater resistance

6. If the smoke has already reached high levels of density, walk crawling on your hands and knees as close to the ground due to the fact that the smoke will tend to rise, keeping the cold air and oxygen in the soil.

7. If you are in a room in which visibility is reduced or there is no visibility, do not be nervous, go to a wall and keep walking leaning against it. Soon you’ll come to a door or a window.

8. Wait for firefighters complete their work of extinction to re-enter the building.

Bomberos apagando incendio

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