Quality Certificates

Fire Group has the quality certificates corresponding to its products and meets all the requirements 
demanded by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), and the Regulation 
of Construction Products of the European Parliament. Download below the Fire Group certificates:

1. Certificates Hose Reel Cabinets:

CEA40CPD 2000112_ES_2017-12-18 PDF

2. Certificates of Extinguishers:



CEA21CTBCAD000045_ES_2017-12-11 CE Portatiles

CEA21CTBCAD000089_ES_2017-12-11 CE Moviles

CEA21CTBCAD000088_ES_2017-12-11 CE Portatiles

3. Certificates of Hidrants:

CEA40CPD 2000095_ES_2017-12-18

CEA40CPD 2000094_ES_2017-12-18

4. Certificates of Hoses:

012-002042 GRUINSA SATUR 45 (modif enero-2016)

CE012MARCAN001669_SATU 25 ES_2017-07-29

5. Certificates of Fittings: