El incendio de Londres del Siglo XVII

Quince años después del gran incendio de Londres, alguien confiesa la posible inocencia del francés al que condenaron a muerte por su supuesta implicación en la catástrofe. ¿Cómo es posible? Un terrible incendio cambia el futuro de la ciudad de Londres Londres 2 de septiembre de 1666, domingo de madrugada. Con casi 70.000 muertos a … Leer más

What type of extinguisher have to use if a fire breaks out?

Knowing what type of fire extinguisher should be used if a fire breaks out is essential. There are certain fires that do not go out with certain extinguishing agents, and others which by its water content, if they come together with podríuan electrocute electric charge. We tell you what types of fire extinguishers on the … Leer más

Certifications 2014

Following a natural evolution, we have adapted our products to new proposals by the end of 2014 by the sole purpose of better quality of our products and meet the needs of our customers. A new design of signage has been updated. Placed on products to make it more legible instruction on each label and … Leer más

Five technological tools against forest fires

Today, firefighting requires research and investment in systems that help extinguish fires quickly and safely. In addition to space surveillance systems at NASA or the use of helicopters and planes to spray water from above, several companies today are focused on improving conditions for firefighters and the success rate in the rescue of victims. Laser … Leer más

Fire and thunderstorms: What to do if you find yourself close

Yesterday several fires broke out in Spain produced by thunderstorms. Yecla areas, Mula and Ricote in the Community of Murcia, were affected. Finally, all of fires were extinguished, and none exceeded 2,000 square meters of surface burned. But thunderstorms are more dangerous than we think. Damage caused by lightning is largely due to the heat … Leer más

Stop forest fires

The summer time is desired by all for family field trips, barbecues, make celebrations … He walks in summer but not all is positive. Our forests suffer every year thousands of disasters that could have been avoided if things had been done more carefully. In Spain occur each year about 10,000 forest fires, which represents … Leer más

Grupo de Incendios in the ISAFE Fair

Grupo de Incendios will attend the Fair ISAFE 2015 (International Exhibition of Security and Fire Fighting) April 9-12 in Casablanca (Morocco). We shift to Casablanca, Morocco, Casablanca International Exhibition OFEC. To display our Stand, the G-14, our potential products for firefighters: Fire Hydrant last generation, more robust and tailored to your needs, hoses of up … Leer más